Painting sessions & workshops online

Online sessions are a success. Actually, it looks like an interesting idea for those living far away and not able to join a workshop as often as they wish. It's an opportunity to join the energy of the group :-).

Painting sessions: the principle

The painting sessions happen every week, except when a workshop is scheduled. You can apply for one, five or ten sessions, with degressive price. When you register for several sessions, you can spread them on a certain amount of time. For example, you get 8 weeks to have your 5 sessions. In practice...

• Painting sessions with maximum 11 participants,

• Timing: 10am-12:45am french time. 

• For the price, different options:

- for one session, 40€,
- for a pack of 5 sessions spread on two months, 160€ (32€ per session),
- for a pack of 10 sessions spread on four months, 280€ (28€ per session).

• Next sessions: every Friday, from September 8, except workshops weeks. If you register for several sessions, you can begin any Friday. Just let me know.

• Good to know: sessions are bilingual if needed :-).


 Workshops online: practical details

• workshops with 11 participants maximum, 

• so far, lasting 1 or 2 days,

• timing: 10am-12:45am and 2:15pm-5pm.

• cost: €75 for one day (or the equivalent of two sessions for those who have purchased a pack of 5 or 10 online sessions), €140 for two days (or the equivalent of four sessions for those who bought a pack of 5 or 10 online workshops). All details for registration HERE ►

Next online full day sessions: November 17, December 15, March 15.


The way it works

You are in your painting corner, and you paint as you usual do in a YesPainting workshop. I look at you and at your painting, and other participants can also see you. At any time you can ask a question, or ask for help, and all the participants will hear it, almost exactly like in a classical workshop.

I can also come to you, if it looks like the appropriate time.


Each session begins and ends with a time of sharing. 

Conditions of access to an online session or workshop

Being part of an online workshop needs somme arrangement.

A painting corner all set up

• sheets of paper (50x65cm),

• around 20 colors, ready to paint in small boxes or in an ice tray,

• 2 or 3 watercolor brushes,

• 2 jars for water.

All the details to set up a studio at home are HERE ►


A communication device that works

• having a laptop or a tablet, 

• put in a way I can see you painting (plan on the left),

• with the app Zoom downloaded.

If you have a question, please contact me.

Registration for the online painting sessions

Deposit for online painting sessions

Please, when you register, be specific about the option you are interested in.

40,00 €