Teaching intuitive painting

You would like to teach and facilitate the intuitive painting ?

I propose you a special program, in two parts.


It makes me happy to hear that some of you are interested in teaching and facilitating this original, and sometimes radical approach. First, I answered this wish by proposing masterclasses. But soon, I could see the limits of this formula. So, now, I have cooked something special for you.


1- The participation in a 5 or 6 days residential 

Residential workshops are open to everyone: people involved in this approach for already a long time, others that have discovered it a short time ago, and sometimes very beginners.


What will you do more than other participants?

Observing: each participant will have the opportunity to observe the interactions between myself as facilitator and the students by following and shadowing me at different moments.

Practicing: after the third day, you will be invited to interact with participants when they need an help.

Integrating: using different exercises to make it easier for you to share the basics of the process, communicate them effectively or potentially teach them to others.

Links with daily life: we will focus on the way this process is naturally and easily at work in all the dimensions of our lives: practical, spiritual, emotional, relational, professional,…


2- An individual coaching when you begin to teach

This accompaniment, like a supervision, is optional. You have the lead: when you feel the need, for example when you are stuck as a teacher, we will make an appointment.

Practical details

Prerequisite to participate to this training program: 10 days of workshop with Michele Cassou, Carol Levow, Kathrin Franckenberg or myself.

Residential workshops scheduled are HERE ►


Individual coaching sessions last between 45' and one hour. We do them with the app Zoom.

The cost: 

- no extra charge for the residential,

- 85€ the individual coaching session.



Registration: when you pay the deposit, please let me know that you wish to be part of this program.

For registration and
all further questions and information, 

please send an email to Isabel Fouchecour 
or to call +33 6 12 22 59 18 


* In case of cancellation, deposit will be refunded (-50€ for paper work) only if the workshop is fully booked.